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Rustic Wooden Trio

Rustic Wooden Trio

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These Rustic Wooden Trios are handmade and one of a kind. They are wonderful centerpieces that add a beautiful touch to any room. They hold about 25 ounces of wax, approximately 8 ounces per round. The fragrance in these trios fill a room without even being lit at times. Please keep in mind that each piece is hand crafted and are not perfect, they each have their own characteristics and rustic look!

 Made of natural mango wood and measure 17L x 5W x 2H inches. 

Approximately 50 hour burn time (lighting all 3 at same time)

100% Soy Wax, double cotton wicks per round, infused with essential oils 

NON TOXIC, Phthalate free, no paraffin

All containers wash clean with warm soap and water, please repurpose! 

Please contact us for refill options, Locals only. 

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